Bengal Babies of Phoenix is proud to announce that we have expanded our breeding program into the great state of Texas. When Evelyn and John discovered the Bengal breed, they immediately fell in love with the Bengal cat and have since embarked on developing a no-hassle method to place their loving kittens into wonderful homes. Our kittens are well socialized from the time they are ready to be handled up till the time they leave to their new family. We have purebred Bengal kittens for sale available for pickup or delivery. Our Bengal kittens will come with a written health guarantee, first shots and registration papers.


What Do Bengal Cats Eat?

Bengals, eat the same as any other domestic cat. They eat domestic cat food, dry, canned, or even a raw diet. They do not require any specialized diet, just a regular domestic cat diet. We feed all of our adult breeding cats a properly balanced diet of high-quality cat food. All of our kittens are raised on premium canned and dry cat foods only so that their new owner can keep them on a regular cat diet if they choose.


Do Bengal Cats Require Any Special Health Care?

No. Bengals cats are cared for the same as any other breed of domestic cat.



Are The Pictures In Your Gallery Available For Adoption?

No. These pictures consist of previous litters just to show the potential candidate the markings and colors of kittens we have throughout the year. Our Gallery will be updated at different times.


Do Bengal Cats Like Water?

Bengals have a fascination with and do like to splash around in the water including your shower and toilet bowl! Some will sit on the edge of the bathtub while you take a bath and might try to splash the water a little bit with their paw. Or likewise when you are in the shower. The sound of running water seems to attract Bengals! Playing with water and attempting to give a bath are two different things to a Bengal.


Can Bengals be leash trained?

Yes, if you start working with them at a young age, and do it on a regular basis, they will walk great on a leash. We recommend that you use an extra small roman style dog harness instead of just a collar, as they can slip their heads out of a collar if something really frightened them. A harness is much harder to get out of.


How big do Bengals get?

We get asked this question a lot. Bengals are derived from the Asian Leopard Cat, which is a very small (domestic cat sized) forest-dwelling cat. Some People confuse the small Asian Leopard cat and expect a Bengal to be very large like the African Leopard. This is not the case. Bengals are like any other domestic cat. The average size for a female Bengal is around 8-10 lbs. and a male can average somewhere between 12-16 lbs. We do not guarantee sizes.


Are two Bengal kittens better than one?

Yes, most definitely. The Bengal cat breeds are very active cats, and they do well to have a playmate to help burn off all that extra energy. This is especially something to consider if you work all day long, and the kitten will be left alone at home a lot. Even if you can’t afford a second Bengal, any other kind of cat or even a dog that can be a playmate will be good for them.


Do Bengals get along with other pets?

Yes, in most cases these breeds will get along with other cats and dogs, as long as care and patience are exercised when first introducing them. First introductions should be done slowly to ensure they do start off on the right foot. Usually, it is the resident pets that are reluctant to let the new kitty into the household, they experience some jealousy of the newcomer. Once they get used to each other, they can be lifelong companions. Supervision and care should be taken with smaller pets such as birds, ferrets, small reptiles, and rodents, around Bengals and Savannahs.


Do you ship kittens?

No. The reason for this is due to a new federal regulation for all pet breeders of any kind of mammal including dogs, cats, rabbits, pet rodents, exotic pets. These new regulations require all pet breeders to get a USDA commercial breeding license if they want to ship pets or do any sight unseen sales (such as over the Internet). We do not have to get a USDA commercial breeding license as long as we are a small hobby breeding program and meet our buyers face to face for the kitten pick up. The reason we do not want to become a commercial breeder is because the USDA regulations, for housing the breeding animals and offspring, do not allow the kittens to be raised in an in-home environment, but must be in cages at all times. We prefer to raise kittens in our home where they are socialized more and desensitized to all the activity and noises of a normal home environment. Being raised in a home environment helps the kitten to be a more confident pet that makes the transition to their new home much easier on them and their new owner. Unfortunately, these federal regulations will force breeders to either become a big commercial cattery or kennel and makes it hard for a small hobby breeder to compete with large facilities. Please keep that in mind when you are searching for your pedigreed animal and looking for the right breeder for you. Support small hobby breeders who work with their breeds of choice for the betterment and enjoyment of the breed, which do not just generate as many offspring as they can in order to financially support the operation of a large commercial facility.


 Is the deposit refundable?

No. When someone places a deposit on a kitten, that kitten is reserved for that specific person. After a deposit is made, we will do all that we can to allow the depositor to see the growth process of their kitten. Please do not send a deposit unless you are absolutely certain you want a specific kitten.

If you are interested in adopting one of our Bengal Kittens, please call and schedule an appointment. However, we must limit our appointments to serious applicants only, and we must limit our time with each visitor. Our cats and kittens love being with people, but in order for us to maintain a healthy environment for our kittens, we must limit the number of our guests, to keep outside germs at a minimum.

Since we have been breeding, we have done our best to answer questions about the breed on an individual basis. So, we have compiled a list of the most common questions we get from candidates and have decided to provide some answers.

Please feel free to contact Evelyn at any time.  She welcomes any questions you may have about our Bengal Cats.  You may send us an email at and tell us what you’re looking for.